Nils Fredland is a highly-regarded, Internationally-traveling dance caller, song leader, and trombonist.

Nils is a gifted teacher, and uses his skills to build community through shared experience; with expertise and heart, he creates a safe and positive space for people to connect through music and dance.

Nils travels across North America to teach and perform over 150 days a year; his calendar of gigs shows his dedication, commitment, and belief in the power of music and dance as a vehicle for social change. Nils has been a touring artist for over fifteen years, and has earned the loyalty and respect of the many thousands of people that he has worked to serve.

Nils Fredland makes dance, music, and song accessible and available to everyone. to discuss the possibilities.

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Dance Calling – Song Leading – Trombone


Nils Fredland, trombone in hand

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6/28 to 7/3BACDS American Dance and Music Week
7/7Copley Square Outdoor Contra Dance
7/8Private Event
7/17Glen Echo Contra Dance

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Nils Fredland, dance caller Facebook feed

You know those joyful moments when you can't stop smiling? I had one of those tonight calling at the Brattleboro Contra joyful 3 hour moment. THANK YOU Keith Murphy, Becky Tracy, and your traditional music students from the Brattleboro Music Center. An epic, over-the-top, awesome night! #fbfeed ... See MoreSee Less

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Amanda WitmanNils, that was SO MUCH FUN!!! Thanks for helping bridge the gap between our tunes and the dancers' feet. It was an unforgettable night.4 weeks ago   ·  2
Leslie Sullivan SachsFabulous music and fun dancing!4 weeks ago
Daniel TorreyCome back next year, Nils, and we'll try to pick up the tempo a bit. 😀4 weeks ago   ·  2

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Hello friends and fans. Those of you that follow this page might have noticed recent posts about the Fredland family moving North to Vermont...that is happening, motivated by a teaching job that my wife has accepted in Quechee, VT. I'm excited for her and for my boys (who will be starting pre-school and 1st grade in our new town!), and excited for some new-ness in my own life.

Contra dance calling has been my primary source of income for about 15 years, and I'm fortunate and ever-grateful for being able to make my living by pursuing something I'm passionate about...but I've realized recently that it's time to get off the road. I'm fulfilling my professional committments (which stretch into the Fall of 2016), but you'll be seeing less of me outside of New England starting in April 2016.

I didn't make this decision lightly; but what I feel now - having opened myself to the idea of living a different life than that of the itinerant dance caller - IS lightness. I don't know what the next chapter of my professional life holds, but I am excited to figure it out. I do know that it will be closer to home, with my wife and boys as the centerpiece.

I'll always call dances. When I do take the microphone, I hope you'll be as happy to see me as I am to see you. Thank you all for an incredible ride. #fbfeed
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Katie Donis OlmsteadThank you for sharing this with us, Nils. I am sure that this new chapter, and any that follow that one, will be imbued with all the passion and talent that you have shared through calling. I am lucky enough to not live that far from VT. Beautiful area up there. All the very best to you and your family.2 months ago
Julia Padua WhiteneckA thoughtful decision well shared! Thank you for letting us know - and don't forget that you will need a hobby for when you and your wife are empty-nesters and retired. Many of us will hopefully still be dancing when you make your comeback!2 months ago
Amanda WitmanBeautiful, Nils. May the road rise up to meet you!2 months ago
Danielle BoudreauCongrats, Nils! Exciting transitions. Wishing you all the best.2 months ago
Carl LevineI wish you smooth transitions and joy with your family. I will be happy to see you whenever our paths cross.2 months ago
Penelope Z WeinbergerI guess we'll be heading north more often now, this is just the excuse we need!2 months ago   ·  2
Lisa SievertsThe country's loss is New England's gain :-). Congratulations on this big decision.2 months ago   ·  1
Andrew StoutThank you for sharing this, and congratulations on what I'm sure was not an easy decision. (And congrats to Amy, too!) We'll certainly miss your calling, but that will make it more special when we do get to dance to you. And I count myself fortunate that I'm in New England, where I hope we'll still see you sometimes. And I hope perhaps I'll get to see you on the dance floor a bit, too, just recreationally. :-) Hugs to you, Nils.2 months ago   ·  1
Leela GraceI understand 100 percent. I can't wait to see what is next! ❤️❤️2 months ago
Theresa DattoloA light heart says everything it needs to about your decision. Your love of music has brought all of us incredible joy. Thank you.2 months ago   ·  1
Sheldon LiebermanQuechee, VT! I've been to their Balloon Festival :) Wishing you the best in that new cool town of yours.2 months ago
Mary StoweWish you and your family had moved to Quechee when I was still there! It's a lovely community.2 months ago
Mark GalipeauWishing you all the best!2 months ago
Cindy RuryThank you for sharing this and for all the joy you have brought to so many all these 15 years. In light of this announcement, we feel especially honored to have you on staff at Almost Heaven this year. Best wishes always to you and your family!2 months ago
Sharon SchenkelYay for family and it's importance. Wishing you and your family the best with this transition.2 months ago
Andrea NettletonBig hugs and best wishes for a truly fulfilling new chapter in your life!2 months ago
Bev BernbaumGlad I'll get to see you again this Friday so I can wish you all the best in person! Hugs.2 months ago
Robert GreenNils, you rock!2 months ago
Sandra StrandGood for you! All that traveling can really take a toll. Glad we'll see you once more in Seattle.2 months ago   ·  1
Walker SloanI pity the rest of the country.2 months ago
Henry FergusonWell, I am glad you will be calling in Lincoln Nebraska in 2015 before you settle down. See you tomorrow in Lincoln (April 25, 2015).2 months ago   ·  1
Lisa Marie LuntI'm glad I live in New England. :)2 months ago   ·  1
Pam PaulsonThank you Nils for all the wonderful dancing I've done to your calling. I look forward to when the next dance will be, when ever and where ever! All the best!2 months ago   ·  1
Kevin MabonCongratulations to you and Amy! 'Nils' dances have always been special - they will be even more special in the future. As Penelope said, this will be all that much more reason for everyone to come North to dance.2 months ago
Stacy RoseIt's fortunate that the folk dance community will get an opportunity to learn contras and squares from you at Stockton this summer. What a wonderful decision for you and your family!! Mazel tov.2 months ago   ·  1

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