Nils Fredland is a highly-regarded, Internationally-traveling dance caller, song leader, and trombonist.

Nils is a gifted teacher, and uses his skills to build community through shared experience; with expertise and heart, he creates a safe and positive space for people to connect through music and dance.

Nils travels across North America to teach and perform over 150 days a year; his calendar of gigs shows his dedication, commitment, and belief in the power of music and dance as a vehicle for social change. Nils has been a touring artist for over fifteen years, and has earned the loyalty and respect of the many thousands of people that he has worked to serve.

Nils Fredland makes dance, music, and song accessible and available to everyone. to discuss the possibilities.

Find out more about Nils’s offerings:

Dance Calling – Song Leading – Trombone


Nils Fredland, trombone in hand

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Nils Fredland, dance caller Facebook feed

'Twas a great weekend at Echo Summit, in the mountains above Sacramento. Hadn't played music with my Elixir band mates since June (our longest break in the last 8 years!), so it was particularly satisfying to be on stage remembering how much fun I have with them.

Took the red-eye at 11 pm last night, and arrived in Charlotte, NC at 6 am - where I am right now, waiting for my last leg to Boston. Then there's another 3 hours or so in transit before landing back in Quechee. But then, I'll be HOME. Yes.

California dancer friends, thank you for your kindness. Always a pleasure to call dances for you! #fbfeed
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Marilyn Cameron ProctorAlmost there. Have a safe flight.3 weeks ago
Wendy FredlandTravel safe! Feel loved...3 weeks ago

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On my way home after calling dances in Arkansas for the first time. My 41st state (I think, though my memory may be failing me at the moment...15 years of gigs will do that to you). Was a fun weekend, but I'm really happy to be heading home to my family!

Maivish definitely made an impression. 'Cause, you know, they're awesome. #fbfeed
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Marilyn Cameron ProctorHave a safe trip!4 weeks ago

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