Life is rich; here are some images and video that show why. Enjoy!

Photo Shoot with Kiqe Bosch, 2014

Monkey Puzzle

Here are some MP3s of songs from the Monkey Puzzle 2001 reunion concert:

Flood Plain
I Could Love You Every Day (A Killer Song)
Sweet Potato of Love

…and just for fun, here’s an arrangement of Flood Plain for a singing workshop that I taught at the FolkMADness Dance Camp in Socorro, NM in 2009.




Here are a couple of songs from a live Monkey Puzzle performance on WFHB (Bloomington, IN Community Radio), around 1994:

I Am the Slime
Frank Zappa (Yes, that’s me doing my best to channel the man…)

Sly and Jimi Medley
That’s Stone and Hendrix.


Contra Dance: “Back Door Slam” by Nils Fredland
Tunes: “Blue-Eyed Lady” and “Back Door Slam” by Dave Weisler
Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Dance Weekend, November 8th, 2014
Band: Elixir
Videographer: Jim Crawford




“Cold Blow and the Rainy Night; The Balancy Straw”
Atlanta, GA – Atlanta Dance Weekend, November 8th, 2014
Band: Maivish
Videographer: Jim Crawford




Random Dance Calling, Trombone, Singing, and Travels…


Some Old Gems…

Video Gallery (of this n’ that…)

Contra Dance – “The Last Resort” by Kathy Anderson
Oswego, NY – Great Bear Groove, June 1, 2013
Band: Great Bear Trio
Videographer: John-Michael Seng-Wheeler




“They Know Us at the Spa”
Bloomington, IN – Rhino’s All Ages Nightclub, December 31, 1997
Band: Johnny Socko




“Tongue” with ultrasound video of human tongue
Band: Monkey Puzzle
(So, I know this is really weird. But the song is really weird, and if you happen to be a Monkey Puzzle fan you will find this totally hilarious.)




“Northern Harmony: Pole to Pole” – 2004 (30 minutes)
From the filmmaker, Keto Shimizu:

“This is the mini documentary I shot and edited in 2004 about my last Northern Harmony tour. It follows the experiences of 16 musicians as they travel through England, performing folk music from around the globe. Technical note: I made this movie before I went to film school and learned about proper lighting, sound, and editing. Enjoy!”



Square Ball Sampler – various square dances
Montpelier, VT – Capitol City Grange, June 25, 2010
Callers: Will Mentor and Nils Fredland
Band: Ethan Hazzard-Watkins, Owen Morrison, Corey DiMario, and Lee Blackwell




How I ended up with a Mohawk on my 40th birthday.





Square Dance – “Square Thru Square” by Jim Mayo
Lebanon, NH – Square dance house party, January 5, 2014
Music and Calling: Recorded





“Lady of the Lake Music and Dance Camp – June Week 2014”
Lake Coeur D’Alene, ID –┬áCamp N Sid Sen, June 22-29, 2014
Videographer: Claudia Haagen