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How To Be Safe at a Shooting Range

How To Be Safe at a Shooting Range published on No Comments on How To Be Safe at a Shooting Range

If you believe all the stories politicians use the mainstream media to pump into you about how guns make our streets less safe, maybe you should visit the Gun Range. I believe guns are only a threat to our security if some have them (the bad guys) and we (the good guys) are at their mercy! But that is just me.

Any well-manufactured weapon is made with the safety of the user and those nearby in mind. A bit ironic for a death machine but just the same, guns are built to be safe. Again guns don’t kill people, people shoot people. Some say people with guns shoot people, but that is just a subject for another post another day. So today we go over the basics of how to be safe while shooting at the range – learn how to shoot a gun at a Firearm Facilities location.

Always know where the exit is

As soon as you enter an Indoor Shooting Range, you should not carefully where the exit is and how to get there.

Always point your gun downrange

You gun MUST always be pointed toward your target at all times. Not at your toes, not at the ceiling, one direction only- downrange. People rarely follow this simple rule to the letter at all times, but if you really want to be safe, it’s an easy thing to learn and make a habit of doing.

Be keen
It is imperative that you be vigilant at all times while shooting in the range discreetly monitoring those shooting with you but also focusing on being safe. It rarely happens but some incidents require rapid action, and you must be ready for anything. You must always listen and monitor the performance of your gun so you can know when to rest and cool off.

If malfunction happens to seek help immediately

If your firearm jams (, don’t be much of a do-it-yourself-er here. That is totally uncalled for because in so doing you endanger not only your life but those all persons present. If this happens, you can try to figure out what went wrong while still point the gun toward your target and if it still doesn’t work, place it on the bench facing the same direction and walk away to get the RSO to help you.

If you want to complain about the conduct of others, do so only to the RSO
So here you are in a room full of strangers with guns and live ammunition. The last thing you want is a confrontation. You don’t know who these people might be or where they have been, so it is always better to speak only to the RSO rather than address other shooters directly even they are being unsafe or making you uneasy.
Remember, a Gun Range is safe for you only if you are. Just be calm, polite and don’t hesitate to ask for help. Be sure not to forget who the greatest threat to your security is when you shoot again this weekend. Have a blast.

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