Professional Services

Square Dance. VT - 2012

Dance Calling

Equally comfortable in front of Kindergartners, College kids, wedding guests, or die-hard contra dancers, Nils travels coast-to-coast 150 days a year to call dances, wherever they happen. If you want a dance for your family reunion, wedding reception, block party, homeschool group, classroom, corporate training, folk festival, or dance weekend he’ll come to you and make one happen.

Leading singing. NY - 2013

Song Leading

A long-time singer himself – in ensembles ranging from church choirs to ska bands – Nils draws inspiration from his diverse musical background to meet any group of singers with material that excites, inspires, and challenges.

The Mighty Trombone


At age 14, Nils announced to his parents that he was destined to be an orchestral trombone player. The picture has altered somewhat, but the sentiment – that trombone would play a major role in his life – has remained a constant for the last 30 years.

Nils BW Readlynn wedding


Nils will work closely with the couple to be married, to support their vision, and create the perfect wedding ceremony to truly represent them. On the wedding day, his goal is to set everyone at ease, creating a sacred space for the couple to connect, and for everyone present to witness, support, and celebrate the marriage.